Today my uncle, his husband, and I visited a christmas shop here in Tennessee (on vacation.) Amongst the hundreds of displays, we came across an entire chick-fil-a setup. We wandered around the store looking for anything homosexual related, or anything that even had a rainbow on it, but we couldn’t find anything, so we decided to get creative. We paired up two Santas to be gay together, and then in the saying “Eat Mor Chikin” we changed it to “Eat Mor Cock”. 

Fuck you, chick-fil-a. Try selling this now.

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This is the status with the comment I posted on the One Million Moms Facebook page DEFENDING the LGBT community. If we all just take a stand, we can prove that it’s okay to be gay. 

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New York City Pride Parade 2012. Greenwich Village.

As is evident by yesterday’s post featuring a very happy George Takei in a Boy Scout outfit, I attended the NYC Pride Parade. I stood where I usually stand on Christopher Street near the Stonewall Inn. Even though it is near the end of the parade route, everyone gets extra excited when they approach the Stonewall Inn since that is location of the 1969 police raid which launched the modern Gay Rights Movement. The crowds that line up there are some of the best (in my opinion anyway!). You can view the photos I took at last year’s parade here.

Since 1984, Heritage of Pride (HOP) has been the producer and organizer of Pride Events in New York City and the event is also referred to as the Heritage of Pride March, the New York City Pride Parade and the NYC LGBT Pride March. In past decades, people referred to the parade as the New York City Gay Pride Parade since it was originally called the Gay Pride March in 1970 when it first began and that name has stuck in the minds of many. However, it is more accurate to refer to it as the Pride Parade since its purpose has broadened to include the larger LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) community as well as recognition of the fight against AIDS. The grand marshals for 2012’s NYC Pride March were Cyndi Lauper, Chris Salgardo and Phyllis Siegel & Connie Kopelov.

Someone commented elsewhere online commented to me that they thought only around 1000 people attend this parade. That’s actually quite inaccurate. The attendance of the New York City Pride Parade is usually around 1 million. Last year, 1.5 million people attended the parade.

This is only a small selection of the photos I took. I put more up on Flickr. You can view the full set of photos here (I may add more over the course of this week):

NYC Pride Parade 2012


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